For whom?

It is an official exam that assesses French language skills for anyone who needs to certify their level of French for personal, professional or academic reasons.


Tuesdays at 9am or 2pm

Registration process

At the Alliance Française secretariat between 9:00 am and 12:30 pm, Monday to Friday, or directly online in our catalogue.
Attention: no registration will be refunded or replaced! Reimbursement for the examination may be made upon presentation of an official document proving that the candidate is unable to pass the examination.

The results

A provisional duplicate will be given to you at the end of your test (compulsory tests). The official diploma is to be collected from the Alliance Française approximately 15 days after the award.

The exam

It includes 3 compulsory tests

  • Listening comprehension: 25 minutes - group test (29 questions)
  • Mastery of language structures: 15 minutes - group test (18 questions)
  • Written comprehension: 45 minutes - group test (29 questions)

We also offer you the opportunity to take the optional tests:

  • Written expression (60 minutes)
  • Oral expression (12 minutes)

Price / Duration

  • Mandatory tests : 95€ / exam - 1 h 45
  • Optional test of written expression: 45€ / exam - 1 h 00
  • Optional oral expression test: 45€ / exam - 12 minutes

Warning: a period of 30 days must be respected between two contracts

Prices (per event)

Mandatory tests

per exam

Written expression

per examen

Oral expression

per examen


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    Sélectionnez vos épreuves

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    Choisissez votre date d'examen(s)

  • 3

    Complétez vos informations

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    Payez votre examen en ligne

Sélectionnez la ou les épreuve(s) souhaitée(s) :


Choisissez votre date d’examen. Attention un délai de 30 jours est à respecter entre deux passations.

TCF TP (Tout Public) épreuves obligatoires + épreuves facultatives x2 fonctionne pour une demande de naturalisation (185 euros)

Attention pour s’inscrire seulement aux épreuves facultatives, vous devez avoir passé les épreuves obligatoires du TCF il y a moins d’un an. Votre ancien code candidat vous sera demandé par mail.


Choose your session dates. Please note that a period of 30 days must be respected between two contracts.

The TCF TP (General Public) is valid for your request for French nationality. Nevertheless, you must pass all the tests (compulsory and optional tests) (185 euros)

Be careful to register only for the optional tests, you must have passed the TCF mandatory tests less than a year ago. Your old candidate code will be requested by email.

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